Music Bubble

Picture3-1.png picture by Vulnerability
As music is incredibly influential on peoples work , style and state of mind , well I think so anyway .
To be honest you could probably learn more about a person from looking through their itunes than talking to them for 5 minutes.
So I thought it would be nice to show you what Im listening to at the moment

My taste changes constantly but I usually stick to the alternative genera .

above ; some great names .. , The drums , mystery jets , Darwin Deez - up in the clouds and ivy and gold from the bombay bicycle club.

Here are a few songs I like , click on them to view , hope you like ;)

and heres a quick inspiration box for the summer - the lion skirt looks great , no?
Bye for now x
Picture2-1.png picture by Vulnerability
photo cred: Park & Cube , Noirfacade and The Sartorialist.


  1. love the songs havent even heard most of them ! thanks for the comment [: ill deffinatelly be following ![:
    follow me too [:

  2. Great songs. Love that collage.:)SarahD

  3. Love Vampire Weekend to bits <3

  4. I like your music taste :) And I'm definitely going to check out the couple of artists you've mentioned that I haven't heard of.

  5. thank you to everyone who commented on my music blog !

    and for the last comment - I love the fish tank , its a great blog ;)

    Im going to do one more post before I go on holiday , and would really appreciate any more comments

    - a few more followers wouldn't go amiss either but thanx to portraying taylor for being the first !