4 weeks worth of inspiration

Saying that I'm going away for the next 4 weeks and won't be able to blog as I'm going to the land of no signal and no computers .

I thought I could , as it seems to be becoming a thing for me , make 4 inspiration boxes -one for each week but ones that get you thinking .

boring I know , and I apologize to anyone who is actually reading this , as I am going away at a time when I should be really trying to make this a blog people actually want to read .

sorry for babbling , but this is 4 weeks worth of babbling .

Box one :
Picture1.png picture by Vulnerability

The Question : What is beautiful ?

My answer :
most people think of beauty as a thing of vision , something which is obvious and in your face the beauty that you can see .

then there is metaphorical beauty as in not obvious but people ( who are not emotionally deprived or dull) still see , the beauty of a new life , the beauty of a young couple in love .

then the unnoticed beauty :
the beauty not of a flower but the beauty of the fact the flower can grow to be beautiful.

to me its the unnoticed beauty which is the most important to appreciate .

Box 2 :
Picture1-1.png picture by Vulnerability
Question : was nailing our color to the mast really worth the loss in the world wars ?

my answer : I don't know I wasn't there (thank god) and can't really say , to all those who lost someone then the answer would be no , the death and the pain caused by death was not worth it
without our colorful opinions and the right we did in world war 2 the world would be a very black and white place.

I know this is not really on topic with my blog , but I was thinking about it recently .
and I think the deer are just too cool ...

box 3 : something a bit more along the fashion line ...
Picture4.png picture by Vulnerability
I have had my eye on 'galaxy' prints for a while now , Black milk is a great place to start they do the galaxy leggings -which I have and the moonwalker bodysuits which look amazing.

the Christopher Kane cloud dresses and space prints collections are some of the most unique and amazing designs I've ever seen .

and the necklace is from finestra designs on esty .
love it.

Box 4 : another On the street box , not so amazing , and you have probably seen it all before ...

Picture2-2.png picture by Vulnerability
Photo credit; stocholmstreetstyle , all the pretty birds and the sartorialist , black milk , vicky christina barcelona, finesta , sea of shoes , zebra and meekat .

So I guess thats it for 4 weeks....

Bon voyage ;)


Music Bubble

Picture3-1.png picture by Vulnerability
As music is incredibly influential on peoples work , style and state of mind , well I think so anyway .
To be honest you could probably learn more about a person from looking through their itunes than talking to them for 5 minutes.
So I thought it would be nice to show you what Im listening to at the moment

My taste changes constantly but I usually stick to the alternative genera .

above ; some great names .. , The drums , mystery jets , Darwin Deez - up in the clouds and ivy and gold from the bombay bicycle club.

Here are a few songs I like , click on them to view , hope you like ;)

and heres a quick inspiration box for the summer - the lion skirt looks great , no?
Bye for now x
Picture2-1.png picture by Vulnerability
photo cred: Park & Cube , Noirfacade and The Sartorialist.


On The Street

Picture3.png picture by Vulnerability

Inspiration box , spring green dress , H&M , Topshop wedges and a beauty in blue
(credit the sartorialist) I thought the belt was charming.

This is my first post of Vulnerability the new blog , and I would like to add that in a weeks time I will be actually enjoying some seasonal weather and heading to the beach for a month. Lucky me . So there will be no posting for a while after the next week.

I have criteria for this blog that I probably won't stick to , but nevertheless here it is :
I started this blog to inspire me and others , not a fashion blog but more as a design one . A blog that I hope with explore peoples tastes ands emotions . philosophy . You have probably heard of boys who blush , a blog that inspires me greatly . All I hope to achieve with this blog is to create a scrapbook of my images thoughts and feelings to share with anyone who will listen.

Farewell for now ;)