Sonia Szostak photography for the background photos , have a look at her blog http://soniaszostak.blogspot.com/ :)

the blue dress is from topshop
the red shoes from open ceremony
the jacket is vintage

the dress and shoes is what I wore today, along with a similar jacket , and I wanted to put them against a sunny , vintage setting :)

happy easter :)


Wish List

sorry , I know this pictures a bit small :s

anyway just some things I would love to own this summer , pricy but beautiful :)

red jacket - topshop
studded hells - no clue where from but cool , hey ?
bra-agent provocateur
red doc martens
green skirt - zara
lace black dress - pixie market.com
castle ring- topshop
galaxy print top - your eyes lie (love this , they have a shop in camden market :)
wedges-pixie market.com
cutout swimsuit also pixie market.com

and some summer soundtrack songs for your ears

Marathon by tennis

The look by metromony

wetsuit by the vaccines

bye for now !


W.O.W (walking on water)

Saw this and thought it was great , had to share :)

Plus please look at this song
W.O.W (walking on water)

took me a while to get into but love it right now in the hot weather :)


I realise I havent posted for a while , well actually about a lifetime
but anyway darlings
some nice photos to reunite me to my small world of blogging :)

and this cool girl is kayla hadlington , posting outfits worth about £4.50 and looking better than the girls in million dollar channel outfits , I love her modern , cheeky charity shop approach to fashion .