Dont Know much about the french I took

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The winter days are here which is good news for me , I love the cold or at least the clothes that go with the winter weather ;) !
Also it's my birthday which adds to the excitement, unlike other people my age I still have the charismatic attitude towards my birthday as children do , young at heart is what I like to call it
This is my winter wonderland wish list ,
Vega blacks from Acne
Revolver charm by Thomas Sabo
Fluffy jacket by Topshop
Galaxy leggings by Black Milk

Though It does seem a shame that just as I have got my summer swing going
winter has come and smacked me with the cold into a coat buying frenzy .

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I was thinking about a lifestyle change recently and was looking at houses in Malaysia ,
this may sound ridiculous to everyone ( anyone who is actually reading this ) but I have always rented out my front room and saved up enough to move there for a year or two if I rent my whole apartment out while I'm gone ;)

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Not that it would be that exotic of course but

whats life without a bit of adventure

thats what I live by anyway , hey this reminds me of a song darlings !

Nostalgic Holiday songs , I miss the days .


  1. Thank you so much for the comment :) I really want the Galaxy Leggings too they are so cool :)


  2. Thank you for your sweet comment! Great blog!


  3. thanks for looking at my blog
    yours are both wonderful ! :)

  4. happy christmas ;*
    ur blog is amazing and interesting ; )

    if U want follow me and write comment ;**

  5. I love that nothing is permanent tattoo. The script and the wording perfection.

    Also lifestyle changes always needs to happen. I think we always need to shake things up a bit. Esp. if that's where you want to be. You gotta follow your heart.


  6. I love all those songs! and thank you for the sweet comment [: your blog is always so wonderful !

  7. Im kinda obssesed with those galaxy leggins sice I saw them in the shop online.
    Are SO awesome!

  8. Great songs! I love Wouldn't it Be Nice...always makes me smile :)

  9. Love the leggings! Thanks for the awesome comment :) xx